7 comments on “Who are you?

  1. My favourite post thus far. It truly boggles the mind how careful, and ingenious the biblical authors are in their story telling. This particular story has so much to give, thanks for squeezing it again : )

  2. I recently gave a worship on this story and emphasized the importance of name and identity in the Bible. What amazed me was the request for a blessing Jacob made and in turn he was asked a question about his identity. In the end, he received the blessing which was the change of his name and hence his identity. This is a great post, Chris. Thank you!

  3. Great post! Speaking of identity I am amazed at John the Baptist’s humility when questioned regarding his identity. John’s answer was “I am not” (Jn 1:20,21). He shifted all focus from self to his message, his mission (v23).
    In Exodus 3:11 we have Moses humbly asking God “who am I?”
    Just re-emphasizing Vogel’s point, we must realize that we are nothing, and that we can only be something in God who is the “I AM” (Exo. 3:14)

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  5. “try to get the blessing our way (by making ourselves God [false identity] and deciding what’s good for us and what is not). The result is always the same: we live in the exile of sin, burdened with guilt. But God does not give up on us. He comes and asks that probing question: who are you? And when we, like Jacob, are willing to admit our true identity (helpless, sinful human beings), God says: now you have truly succeeded” – most excellent point. Really resonates – I’m afraid I can think of far too many instances where I’ve done that – determined my way is best and tried to get success that way…it never works!

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